Denmark Defense Ministry Hacked

Denmark Defense Minister Hjort Frederiksen came out with a public statement this week, announcing how the Ministry and the emails of every employee attached to the Ministry had been hacked/breeched. Frederiksen went on to explain that Russian Operatives were behind the attack. More specifically, the Russian Fancy Bears.

Alt-Right Leaders are Dropping Left and Right in 2017

If it wasn’t obvious by now, Alt_Medi4 has absolutely nothing to do with the alt-right, it is just an unfortunate coincidence. Regardless, last year they were on top of the world, this year they have been fired, forced to resign or find themselves in court for the very work which once made them internet superstars. Chronicling the fall of 4 of the alt-rights most prominent leaders in 2017

Analysis: US Senate Introduces New Cybersecurity Legislation

Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) has introduced new legislation aimed at updating the Cyber Security Enhancement Act of 2014, by mandating the National Institute of Standards and Technology to provide cyber security resources to American businesses in the future. Learn why Democrats are pushing this issue so heavily in 2017 and why ironically, this Bill may actually harm many small businesses in America.

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