Egypt Begins Fierce Crackdown On Internet News Agencies

Since May 24th, at least 63 websites or web services have been blocked by the Egyptian Government, including 40 different news agencies. President Sisi maintains he is doing this to crackdown on terrorism and the spread of political misinformation. Human Rights groups warn that Egypt is erasing years of progress and the country is headed back towards the “dark days” of Government censorship once experienced under Hosni Mubarak not so long ago.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Sues FBI Over National Security Letter Gag Orders

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation on June 7th, asking courts to force the FBI to hand over all surveillance records tied to National Security Letters. The EFF seeks to review the records to determine whether or not the FBI has been complying with US Law dating back to 2015, when the FBI’s use of gag orders in conjunction with NSL’s was ruled “unconstitutional” by US courts.

Analysis: James Comey’s Firing

Less than a week after testifying in front of the Senate for the first time in months and the day before the US Senate Intelligence Committee was scheduled to hold their first public hearing about their investigation into Russian interference in the US elections, James Comey was fired from office. Nearly all of the coverage to follow has gone on to focus on Comey firing, almost no one has reported the Senates hearing the day after.

Google, Facebook & Twitter Have Been Sued in Federal Court for Sponsoring Terrorism

Families of victims in the San Bernadino shooting have filed a Federal lawsuit against these 3 major tech companies.They argue that the shooter could never have become “radicalized” if the Islamic State was not allowed to use their services in the first place. While this may technically be “true,” it does not necessarily mean they are “right” or will “win” this particular case.

James Comey Remarks On Journalism

What separates an act of espionage from good investigative journalism? Why is it legal to publish leaked information, even if the leaked information was obtained as the result of a criminal act? Earlier this week, in an exchange with Senator Ben Sasse, James Comey explained the FBI’s stance on this whole matter.

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