United Nations To Formally Investigate Democratic Republic of Congo for Various Human Rights Violations

Since August of 2016, more than 3,300 innocent civilians have been killed, 1.3 million people have become displaced and over 600 schools have been destroyed. As a result, the United Nations Council on Human Rights has sent in an international envoy to investigate these crimes and determine if Congolese Army leaders should be brought in front of the International Criminal Court.

US Led Coalition Forces Are Using White Phosphorous in Iraq and Syria

US led coalition forces are using White Phosphorus munition against the Islamic State in both Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria. The use of these weapons is strictly forbidden in certain circumstances under international law, most notably as an “offensive weapon.” The US maintains they are using it as a “smokescreen” to shield fleeing escaping civilians from IS snipers. Despite this however, there are already reports circulating of civilian causalities, something which is not uncommon whenever these weapons are used.

The Conundrum of Iran In Syria

Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, made controversial statements this weekend when she said the US expects regime change in Syria and must work to remove Iran’s presence from the country. However, short of fully engaging in a new ground War in the country, this would be virtually impossible to accomplish.

The Other Chemical Weapon Attack No One Is Talking About

For the last two months, journalists investigating the use of chemical weapons in Sudan have been held without charge and subjected to torture at the hands of Sudanese authorities. Human Rights groups claim these journalists are only being held because the Sudanese Government has something to hide and doesn’t want their use of chemical weapons to be exposed to the global community.

The US and UK’s Shameful Approach To Yemen War Highlighted by Multi-Billion Dollar Arm Sales To The Region

As the US and UK cut aid spending to Yemen, the countries continue to reap billions selling weapons to fuel the War. To date At least 4,600 civilians have been killed and more than 8,000 have been injured since the Saudi Arabia-led coalition began carrying out air strikes in Yemen in March 2015 and an estimated 18.8 million people in Yemen rely on humanitarian assistance and are in desperate need of food, water, fuel and shelter in order to survive

Why Mosul?

I honestly do not know why the American media is afraid to report on this and release the information for what it really is, but more people deserve to know. The Islamic State has not made their home in Mosul by accident and they are not fighting so hard in it for no reason. So, with that said, why are we currently fighting this battle and why will its conclusion be much more important than its beginnings?

Russian Defense Minister Announces Formation of New Military Branch, Informational Warfare

Regardless of all the crazies in society, there is a very real war over “information” being fought by political circles across the world. Less than a week after Russia announced the formation of their newest military wing, US Cyber Command responded with a release of their own. All political beliefs aside for a moment, it is becoming clearer by the day that Cyber-Warfare will be the defining military conflict of our futures.

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