ProtonMail Launches VPN Services

On June 20th 2017, after years of planning and 4 months of beta testing, ProtonMail unveiled their latest service, an online Virtual Private Network Service. The VPN is available as both a paid or free service, though the company has already had to begin placing users on a waiting list for the free service due to an overwhelming amount of signups in the first hours of operation.

Google, Facebook & Twitter Have Been Sued in Federal Court for Sponsoring Terrorism

Families of victims in the San Bernadino shooting have filed a Federal lawsuit against these 3 major tech companies.They argue that the shooter could never have become “radicalized” if the Islamic State was not allowed to use their services in the first place. While this may technically be “true,” it does not necessarily mean they are “right” or will “win” this particular case.

Russia Reverses Stance On Bitcoin Market

After cracking down on Bitcoin transactions/mining at the start of 2016, including attaching 4-7 year prison sentences to the cryptocurrency, it appears as though Russia is quickly reversing course in 2017. According to Reports by Bloomberg Markets, Russia might soon overturn previous laws and fully legalize Bitcoin transactions by 2018.

How Bots Build Political Empires

You might not have ever heard of them before or even be aware that they exist, but social media bots and fake accounts shape more national dialogue than you may care to realize. Learn why acknowledging their existence is the first step in addressing what has become a very big problem, the weaponizing of information.

Amnesty International & ProtonMail Partner Up To Fight Against Internet Censorship

From illegal Government surveillance in the USA to internet censorship/shutdowns in Ethiopia, in conjunction with the World Day Against Cyber Censorship, Amnesty International has announced a new partnership with Proton Mail. The partnership aims to allow activists to freely associate with and exchange messages with one another online without fear or prosecution or tampering

Reports: Microsoft To Cut 700 Jobs Next Week, 2,850 by Summer 2017

Microsoft is set to lay off 700 employees this week, part of a string of layoffs expected to take place throughout this year. As these are international positions, Microsoft says the company is going to “double down” and start shifting more of their time/effort/attention towards the US market.

Is Microsoft simply being Patriotic or is there another reason to explain the companies recent losses?

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