Egypt Begins Fierce Crackdown On Internet News Agencies

Since May 24th, at least 63 websites or web services have been blocked by the Egyptian Government, including 40 different news agencies. President Sisi maintains he is doing this to crackdown on terrorism and the spread of political misinformation. Human Rights groups warn that Egypt is erasing years of progress and the country is headed back towards the “dark days” of Government censorship once experienced under Hosni Mubarak not so long ago.

James Comey Remarks On Journalism

What separates an act of espionage from good investigative journalism? Why is it legal to publish leaked information, even if the leaked information was obtained as the result of a criminal act? Earlier this week, in an exchange with Senator Ben Sasse, James Comey explained the FBI’s stance on this whole matter.

Alt-Right Leaders are Dropping Left and Right in 2017

If it wasn’t obvious by now, Alt_Medi4 has absolutely nothing to do with the alt-right, it is just an unfortunate coincidence. Regardless, last year they were on top of the world, this year they have been fired, forced to resign or find themselves in court for the very work which once made them internet superstars. Chronicling the fall of 4 of the alt-rights most prominent leaders in 2017

Response To Senator Burr and Warner’s Allegations of Russian Influence On US News Cycle

Yesterday, Senator Mark Warner and Senator Richard Burr gave a press briefing about the US Senate Intelligence Committees investigation into Russian interference in the US election of 2016. This topic has been covered ad nauseam already, so for the purposes of this article I want to focus on their dialogue surrounding fake news and how this may or may not have influenced voters in the months leading up to the election of 2016.

Fox Marketing Staff Publicly Apologizes for Running Multiple “Fake News” Websites

Members of Fox’s marketing staff had to issue a public apology this weekend after it was revealed the company operated multiple fake news/click-bait pages in order to sell ad space. While this is not getting much coverage it does speaks to a very large problem. This article explains how fake news producers are funded, how the industry operates and why it has grown so large through social media.

The Implications A Trump Presidency Has Already Had on The Field of “Journalism”

For better or worse, the Trump Presidency is already having massive impacts on the field of Journalism and the way people read/write “the news.” By cutting out the middle-man and offering information directly the the citizens, Trump has revolutionized information sharing in terms of the US Government. Here is how this positively effects small time publishers such as myself.

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