Investigative Report: DHS Reveals Russian Actors Compromised Voter Registration Databases In 21 States Before 2016 Election

At yesterdays Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, “classified” information regarding the size and scope of Russia’s hacking into the US election system was released to the Senate and members of the press “for the first time.” However, as I will demonstrate, for those of us who have been reading and reporting on international hacking news for the last several years, while members of the US Senate may have just learned all of this information for the first time, international reporters have already exposed this information dating as far back as December 2015.

Fact Checking Mike Pompeo’s First Public Speech

Mike Popeo gave is first public speech as acting Director of the CIA today and honestly, there were certain statements I could not overlook. It is not the 1930’s and the American public is not as quick to just blindly accept everything the Government tells them anymore. I know the CIA is not exactly used to accountability, but deliberate political misinformation must be called out an condemned just as equally as we call out and condemn Russian propaganda.

What Exactly Is A FISA Court and What Does It Do?

Donald Trump may have not offered any evidence when he claimed to be “wiretapped” by President Obama on the campaign trail, but the investigation which has resulted has brought up an interesting issue. What is a FISA court and why have so many innocent American’s, including politicians, been spied on as a result of warrants brought in front of this court?

Why Have Members of The Intelligence Community Quit In Such Large Numbers Recently?

Around the time Trump won the nomination to become America’s next President in November, the intelligence community, chiefly the CIA, has seen a sharp rise in resignations. Some speculate this is because of Trumps views on War, counter-terrorism and/or endorsements of enhanced interrogation methods. I propose it is also a result of something else, a different American Federal Agency.

CIA Publishes +12 Million Pages of Declassified Material Online

For the first time in history, the US Central Intelligence Agency has created a searchable online database available to the public, host to over 900,00 documents, including over 12 million pages of previously “classified” material dating all the way back into WWII. It works almost like a Wikileaks database, just doesn’t function as well. It is still pretty cool information though. Here is how to access it.