United Nations To Formally Investigate Democratic Republic of Congo for Various Human Rights Violations

Since August of 2016, more than 3,300 innocent civilians have been killed, 1.3 million people have become displaced and over 600 schools have been destroyed. As a result, the United Nations Council on Human Rights has sent in an international envoy to investigate these crimes and determine if Congolese Army leaders should be brought in front of the International Criminal Court.

Israel Announces Major Power Cuts To Gaza Residents

After forcing further power cuts upon the residents of Gaza, Amnesty International is calling on the United Nations and international community to condemn Israel’s actions. Amnesty has taken the occasion to remind the world that Israel’s continued blockade of the region is illegal, that Israel is directly responsible for the humanitarian crisis which has ensued there and has been violating international law on this matter for decades.

Report: Iranian Backed Houthi Forces In Yemen Are Taking Control of Several Hospitals and Denying Medical Treatment To Rebels

Investigative Report from Amnesty International: Pro-Government forces in Yemen are not bombing hospitals and killing off medical personnel like their counterparts in Aleppo, they are hijacking them, stationing troops inside them an dictating who can receive medical treatment or not – violating international law and committing War Crimes in the process.

Russia Pulls Out of “Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court” To Escape Liability Charges from Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry has said the country is removing its signature from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court – Governed by The United Nations – because the ICC is not “independent” or “authoritative.” While this may be true, Amnesty International Russia argues the real reason Russia is leaving is to ensure the Russian Government can not be sued for “alleged” War Crimes in Ukraine or Syria – in international court. Not only has Russia withdrawn, but Putin has also called for several other countries to also follow their lead.

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