Inside President Obama’s Retaliatory Plan To Hack The Russian Government

Earlier today the Washington Post released an “exclusive report” outlining how President Obama and the US Government developed a secret plan to hack the Government of Russia, in retaliation for Russia’s interference in the US election earlier that year. However, while the Post’s article confirms that this operation was indeed real, it does not break down how the operation was logistically pulled off. Inside my report, I will explain how the Post’s article is far from an exclusive, but rather just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

Denmark Defense Ministry Hacked

Denmark Defense Minister Hjort Frederiksen came out with a public statement this week, announcing how the Ministry and the emails of every employee attached to the Ministry had been hacked/breeched. Frederiksen went on to explain that Russian Operatives were behind the attack. More specifically, the Russian Fancy Bears.

A DDoS Attack May Have Changed History

The UK released a report entitled “Lessons Learned from The EU Referendum” on April 12th, 2016. In it, Parliament suggests that Russian and/or Chinese actors launched a DDoS attack on the UK’s voter registration site, literally preventing 100’s of thousands of voters from signing up during the last days of registration ahead of the referendum vote.

The Shadow Brokers Release NSA Exploits In Protest of Trumps Bombing of Syria

The group that hacked the NSA last summer is back, releasing files from inside the NSA with a direct warning to President Trump not to engage in another US ground War. The group says they are not Russian operatives, rather former members of the US military and intelligence community. Their actions/threats are not to stand up for Russian interests, but instead to condemn Globalism and Zionism – which has dominated US Foreign Policy for decades.

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