Israel Announces Major Power Cuts To Gaza Residents

After forcing further power cuts upon the residents of Gaza, Amnesty International is calling on the United Nations and international community to condemn Israel’s actions. Amnesty has taken the occasion to remind the world that Israel’s continued blockade of the region is illegal, that Israel is directly responsible for the humanitarian crisis which has ensued there and has been violating international law on this matter for decades.

Egypt Begins Fierce Crackdown On Internet News Agencies

Since May 24th, at least 63 websites or web services have been blocked by the Egyptian Government, including 40 different news agencies. President Sisi maintains he is doing this to crackdown on terrorism and the spread of political misinformation. Human Rights groups warn that Egypt is erasing years of progress and the country is headed back towards the “dark days” of Government censorship once experienced under Hosni Mubarak not so long ago.

The Other Chemical Weapon Attack No One Is Talking About

For the last two months, journalists investigating the use of chemical weapons in Sudan have been held without charge and subjected to torture at the hands of Sudanese authorities. Human Rights groups claim these journalists are only being held because the Sudanese Government has something to hide and doesn’t want their use of chemical weapons to be exposed to the global community.

The US and UK’s Shameful Approach To Yemen War Highlighted by Multi-Billion Dollar Arm Sales To The Region

As the US and UK cut aid spending to Yemen, the countries continue to reap billions selling weapons to fuel the War. To date At least 4,600 civilians have been killed and more than 8,000 have been injured since the Saudi Arabia-led coalition began carrying out air strikes in Yemen in March 2015 and an estimated 18.8 million people in Yemen rely on humanitarian assistance and are in desperate need of food, water, fuel and shelter in order to survive

Amnesty International Calls On The International Community To Demand Justice for Syria

In the last 6 years since War first broke out in 2011, over 400,000 Syrians have died and nearly 20% of Syrian nationals have fled the country to live as refugees. As for the people who stayed, the UN now says that more than half of Syria’s population is in need of immediate humanitarian assistance with conditions worsening by the day.

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